Stage 1 – Collecting Cardboard Boxes

I will be the first one to admit that I do not have any real authority to be giving advice on moving. Sure, I moved my bedroom from one apartment to another and back home again after school was over, but really it was nowhere near the great cross country escapade that I am about to take on.


One thing I am a horrible pack-rat for is cardboard boxes. I moved into my boyfriend’s apartment with a great many of them and then proceeded to store them in the furnace room because we would be moving again sometime within the next year. However, my pack-rat tendencies did not save me enough boxes to move both my stuff and my boyfriend’s stuff… which I suppose is now called “our stuff”. So, it is time to start collecting cardboard boxes again. A simple enough since I work in a grocery store surrounded by  vast quantities of them. The plus side to collecting: You don’t have to buy boxes to move. The down side: If you are like me and cannot seem to leave anything un-assembled, you end up with a massive stack of boxes laying around.

Now there is one exciting plus side to packing… I got to buy pretty new giant sharpies and multi-coloured tape for easy box labeling – it even has the room name on it!15965301_10154737610361223_1675762950526057807_n

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