Stage 2 – Booking Travels

There are a few standard ways to get from Point A to Point B – driving, taking the Train/Bus, or flying. The decision was pretty simple for us, neither of us drive so that was out of the question, and the train only runs from Toronto to Edmonton (though this would have been a really nice way to see the country). Which left us with the decision between spending 2 days crammed on a bus or taking a 4.5 hour flight on a plane. Decision made, we searched for the cheapest flights we could from Toronto to Calgary over a 3 day period and came up with the 28th of February. Which leaves us spending one night in a hotel and with one day to scope out the land and just about enough time to find a good sushi place.

As neither one of us drives, we were left with a new task: we had to come up with a way to get our stuff across the country (because we decided against selling it all and just going with our clothes). Once again there was a number of options for moving companies, and even websites that would contact multiple companies for you. Once we had all these quotes and were sifting through them, we received another email – warning us about almost every single company on our list. So again we endeavored to find a way to move our stuff ourselves, without having to drive our stuff ourselves. Somehow we found this magical option in the form of a UBox – a personal shipping container from Uhaul. The box will be unloaded on your driveway and picked up again once you fill it and shipped to your destination where you can choose to unload it yourself or hire a company through Uhaul to unload it for you. Normally I would be all over the unloading it myself to save some money, but in the grand scheme of things we decided that it would be best to have some help.

Now that the travel plans are set the next thing we have to do is actually begin to pack. The time for procrastination is OVER.

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