Chocolate Toffee Crunch Cookies


End of the First Week Update

We have officially been here a week!


We still have some stuff to do, like buy shelves and maybe a microwave – but my logical mind knows we can survive without them for a short time (also known as until we get jobs). The boxes are mostly unpacked apart from the ones with stuff that goes on shelves, the cupboards are full and mostly organized and the coffee station is set up. There was only one casualty of the move – a lone spatula didn’t make it in one piece. The furniture is in place and everything works – except one annoyingly finicky light switch in the bathroom. I have taken over the second bedroom as an office space – as I have just started the next 2 classes towards my business diploma. Discovered that delivery companies do not try to contact you when they show up- they leave you a notice on the door and then take your package a 30 minute drive away. No we cannot see the mountains from our apartment, we do however have a nice view of the city. The people in the office building across the road have become a source of people watching for me during the day.

Job Hunt:

The resumes are out, an interview has happened, now we sit and twiddle our thumbs until we find out.


There has not been much in the way of adventures – made it the shopping center, to the grocery store, service Canada and some other small mandatory places like to get internet. We have begun exploration of the crazy maze of pedestrian walkways around the city – which I am sure will be useful when its snowing. In this adventure we have seen business men wearing dress shirts and no coats strolling down the street in the -25 degree weather, which leaves me wondering if that is something you have to spend your whole life in Calgary to be able to do, or if it something that will come over time. Plans are underway for the Banff trip and Canmore – probably when it gets a little warmer out. We have decided that we are going to start hiking because there are tons of beautiful trails out in the mountains.


The weather out here is bizarre – i go from freezing cold wearing 2 pairs of socks/2 sweaters and pants with leggings under them (IN THE APARTMENT), to the next day wearing shorts and a tank top. The outside weather has been similar, one day with hat/mitts/winter coat/etc. to the next day wearing light sweater outside. Living in Whitby if the weather had said -16 feeling like -25 I probably would not have left the apartment. Here however it says this and it doesn’t actually feel that cold, and the temperature is almost nice when walking in the sun. Further field tests and research are required before I decide that this is normal and not some freak incident.